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Consolidating oracle databases

Likewise the ability to automatically scale up or down in order to meet changing demand is a must. When you have naming conflicts, there is a problem, combination not possible.

The other major consideration for security is the use of virtualisation. And of course, with all your internal customers now using the same shared infrastructure, that downtime is going to have quite an effect. Users connect to the database by connecting to an instance. Is consolidation happening in your organization? So not only do you save on capital costs, but you can also increase your productivity and cut operating overhead, giving you the best of both worlds.

Once migrated to the consolidated server, would each instance map to each database, or do I need to fold all the databases into one with different schemas? When you consolidate your databases you put all of your eggs in one basket. Nothing else gives you the same flexibility that Multitenant can when it comes to sharing the same environment with multiple databases. There are different ways you can consolidate databases with Exadata.

So what are the challenges? You know the ones, they are usually sat in the corner untouched and unloved, because nobody dares go near them in case they break. Everybody knows that consolidation helps you save on hardware and other equipment, not to mention license costs. So the big question is, why consolidate? Well, maybe not exactly, but you get the idea.

Consolidating on Exadata is easier than you think. In Oracle, a database is the collection of files. Oracle Cloud infrastructures, for example, dating girls in gwalior leverage both methods of consolidation. Multitenant is really the premier consolidation feature in Oracle. This is especially true for more complex engineered systems like Oracle SuperCluster.

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This is the easiest but not the smartest thing to do. Capacity for me is the biggest challenge of all.

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In a DaaS environment every database is, at least outwardly, identical. Smartest is to have a single instance on a single server. And finally we come to maintenance. But these savings can go even farther because the Exadata infrastructure is engineered from the ground up to be fully integrated. Easiest is to run multiple instances on a single server, each serving it's own database.

This is because every instance considers itself as the master of the server. In part two of this series I will examine them and have a look at the benefits and pitfalls associated with each. Because it can handle any workload you throw at it, Exadata is the perfect environment for database consolidation.

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There really is no better platform to run a mixed environment. Of course, it never hurts to plan ahead.

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The application owner of A is hitting a problem which, unfortunately, requires maintenance on the underlying infrastructure. At a very simplistic level, unauthorised acquisition of administrator privileges on a consolidated environment could lay open your entire data estate.

As a result, customers often find they have additional opportunities for consolidation. If you can not get a downtime from all applications at the same time, you have a problem. Having said that, my experience is that availability increases during database consolidation.

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