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Consolidating gift cards, how to combine gift cards

Know What Your Balances Are

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Make Note of Your Balances

Do you have gift cards lying around or in your purse or wallet with a small balance left on them? With an actual credit card they charge for penalty and with the giftcards they charge you to use your own money. So if you have, say, an Amazon gift card, you could cash out the small amount on your prepaid gift card and then use Amazon-specific money for the rest.

Some are from mail-in rebates, some are received as payment for items returned to stores. If you're in the regular line at Wal-Mart, have the cashier punch in the full amount and then swipe the card. Just give the smallest one first and then a new total is calculated.

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The end result is the same. Then give the next highest one, and so on until you have to pay the balance with real money.

Oh yes, if you pay the Visa balance at the end of the month you've got free credit. It was the latter, although you can't really blame David for missing it.

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The numbers are staggering on the amount of prepaid cards and gift cards that never get redeemed or remain partially unused. Also, sometimes you get a card as a gift, and even if it's not what you wanted, internet dating scams blogs about love you'd rather use it than let it go to waste.

How to combine gift cards into one - Gift Card Consolidation

Prepaid cards usually have a target market of the unbanked, but now they are more widely used and will continue to grow. This can allow one to use every last cent from the comfort of your home to clear out small or large balances off cards.

The Card companies already figured all of this out. Or, just swipe your card at the self-checkout at Wal-Mart.

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That's the problem with these pre-paid debit visa cards, you pay for them in cash, and then loose part of your money because no one will let you use all of the balance. Amazon automatically combines your gift cards together so no worries about having to split purchases!

How to combine gift cards

Normally, this would not be an issue but if you only had enough on your card to complete your purchase then it does cause a problem. This is true in Target too. Often it's not a case of being unwilling to do it.

Enter one of your own email addresses in the recipient email box. It deducts the amount automatically, without needing you to know the exact balance.