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Connected with this kind of approach knowledge, we find that something important to the society is to share their experiences and feelings. Now it is important to consider that social participation is a key element that must be present from the first moments of the actions that are planned in this area. Reach out to the visually impaired audiences. It also seeks to alleviate the shortcomings of this social time, which are accurate and affordable small projects that directly address specific problems.

La sociedad actual cambia constantemente

La ciudad de Contrebia Leucade, fue entre los siglos V a. Explorar las posibilidades del podcasting como medio que incentiva el proceso imaginativo y apoyarlo con otro tipo de archivos que sumen la imagen. In addition to the documentary record, the development of applications for viewing on mobile devices -laptops, tablets, phones, etc.

In this way a more attractive project will be shown in this area to get greater social recognition and more protection. Obviously, when we make references to this underworld of the slums, we must be aware that we are not only talking about the urbs of Rome, but the totality of Roman world.

Referring to become repellent area economy. After these considerations, our project develops applications based on cultural and social networking game. An example of this is the use of native plants from temperate climates, such as the Mesquite arising from it countless products. The society is constantly changing and with it, the tastes, fashions and how this society understands culture and heritage. The associations for the protection of the heritage are non-profit-making institutions that defend in his bylaws as fundamental aims the defense of the natural and cultural heritage of the peoples.

Oral heritage through sound. Specially the project Ourense Experience, a digital platform promoted in collaboration with other business in Ourense which wants to propose interpretative and leisure activities. The fact become participants in their own development strength of this intervention strategy. Universidad de Buenos Aires.

In this paper we focus on these problems, which occur in rural areas of the state of Zacatecas, exploited by mining, livestock and excessive agriculture. En este sentido se han realizado numerosos proyectos y publicaciones sobre los profesionales, fundamentalmente conservadores y restauradores. Communication, Tourism and Heritage. These privileged characters wrote for an equally elitist audience who were not interested in the daily affairs of the rabble. Getting respect through knowledge by all social partners to professionals and heritage hazards decrease as the spoliation or destruction by both public and private works.

These routes seek to recover ancient pathways which have fallen into disuse. Create a sensory interactive multidisciplinary project that appeals to different audiences in order to bring it to urban and rural areas. Heritage as a political space. Con este objetivo, el Grupo S.

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La sociedad actual cambia constantemente y con ella, los gustos, las modas y la forma de entender la cultura y el Patrimonio. To achieve this target, we have developed three cultural routes. La originalidad de esta barferencia no solo radica en el tema, sino en la forma.

In our approach we start from two basic premises. Furthermore, this tool is we all work very effectively to social aspects that are determined according to the needs presented by each group to promote social inclusion.

The originality of this barference do not reside only in its own topic, but in its own form. At the same time, we must seek to establish a link between people and the territory where they live. The performance with the environment, ownership links that are generated towards our heritage and establishing networks to be belonging to the middle, lay the foundation of our work. The feeling of belonging to somewhere favours a preservation and broadcasting attitude, perceiving the Cultural Heritage as our own treasure to care and show to others.