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Columbia hook up

There is a boat launch just downstream of John Day Dam, and another near Maryhill. We take pride in being sure everything is ready to go. Located in an old glacial channel of the Columbia River, Banks Lake is producing fat, fast-growing walleyes. This will keep your jig at a bit of an angle ahead of you so you can prevent more snags and detect the strikes easier. Boaters and bank anglers should watch for rapidly fluctuating river flows.

The tailrace below Wells Dam has also been a slow producer in recent years, similar to Lake Pateros. We can even sell fishing licenses on board the boat. Access to the upper part is available at Hunters Park and Gifford.

In slower pools and

Columbia River Walleye fishing is great sport and if you know how to catch Walleye you will have lots of fun. This will help prevent hook pull outs when the Salmon rolls up in the line twists causing the back hook to work against the front hook. Voting is close and changes daily. The only other access to this lake is on the lower section near Chief Joseph Dam. Access is a problem, however.

Salmon hit this rig with

Now hook the head of the worm onto the jig hook so it is stretched out between the two. Access is very limited, but a few knowledgeable anglers avidly fish this area.

Salmon hit this rig with a vicious strike in fast current. In slower pools and tide areas the bite can be slow and steady.

If we are already booked on your preferred date. Come fish from our safe, comfy, clean and organized fishing boats. Immediately below Grand Coulee Dam there is some fairly good walleye fishing. Whether your a beginner or an avid fishermen you'll enjoy a trip with us. These breaklines generally taper or stairstep off towards the center of the river offering a variety of depths for fishing.

Try a drift in ten to twelve feet of water, and gradually move to deeper drifts until you locate the Walleye. Umatilla, Biggs and areas of the Columbia River are favorite spots.

It's a whole different perspective. World class walleye fishing in Oregon and Washington for trophy Walleye. The only walleye fishery in this area is adjacent to the Hanford Reservation, for a few large fish.