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Surgery may be needed later in life if the problem has a major effect on the nose area. Making a joke and having the other person not laugh at all is awkward. And while some people with disabilities will tell you they welcome people looking and asking questions about obvious markers of appearance, others say they hate it. It may go the full length of the palate.

Cleft lip and palate repair is a related topic. Diagnosis Orofacial clefts, especially cleft lip with or without cleft palate, can be diagnosed during pregnancy by a routine ultrasound. When to Contact a Medical Professional Cleft lip and palate is most often diagnosed at birth. The lip forms between the fourth and seventh weeks of pregnancy. They can also be diagnosed after the baby is born, especially cleft palate.

Getty Images From the beginning, people had negative reactions to my face. Understanding the factors that are more common among babies with a birth defect will help us learn more about the causes. Their teeth may need to be corrected as they come in. For some babies, both the front and back parts of the palate are open. It shows how tough you are.

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While a cleft palate can be repaired a few months later. My story is unique, and the challenges have made me a much stronger person. As a baby develops during pregnancy, body tissue and special cells from each side of the head grow toward the center of the face and join together to make the face.

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During surgery, the muscles and tissue on the two sides of the palate are connected together to close the cleft. And I guess once it came up, that kind of confirmed to me why I thought you sounded different. An ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to create an image of your baby inside your abdomen. Steve is my rock and my biggest fan. Resources are available to help in choosing a cleft and craniofacial team.

Treat others how you want to be treated. Outlook Prognosis Most babies will heal without problems. Medically reviewed by Mark R. Consider everyone as individuals with interests, flaws, successes, insecurities and passions, just like everyone else. If you are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, talk with your doctor about ways to increase your chances of having a healthy baby.

These teams usually consist of experienced and qualified physicians and health care providers from different specialties. Fairly early on in our relationship. The opening in the lip can be a small slit or it can be a large opening that goes through the lip into the nose. Hell, even accidentally making intense eye contact with a stranger on the train is awkward.