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Varieties include batik, songket, pua kumbuand tekat. During the three days, elephant which is named Larut went missing because wallowing in a swamp, in the jungle not far from the residence of Long Jaafar. The guy may not know the girl loves him so much. The girl promised to wait for the guy's love even if it takes forever.

Labu Sayong Labu Sayong is a black-coloured gourd-shaped clay jar typically used to store and cool water. The place who first found bijih timah is named Kelian Pauh now the vicinity of Taiping Prison. Hand-woven Crafts Marvel at the creative hand-woven crafts of Malaysia. Many youth from Kampung Baru Kamunting have left for better job opportunities elsewhere.

Photos Persisiran Sayong The patterns that emerge are a fusion of the real and surreal. One day, his pet elephant used to transport bijih timah have missed and fled into the woods. Metal craft products include modern decorative items, kitchen ware and traditional artifacts like tepak sireh sets, rose-water instruments and keris blades. According to records, inthe tin from this area have been exported to Penang.

In addition, the Malay population in the area was also mine but only in the summer and during the rainy season, they carry out work on the smelting of bijih timah. Nothing, maybe nothing yet. While there are areas in Kelian Pauh and Kelian Bahru and surrounding areas named Larut, taken from the name of the elephant who discovers the tin mine. Choose from leather-crafted goods, beadwork necklaces from Borneo or finely made gold and silver jewellery adorned with gems. Metal Crafts Popular since the early days, traditional brass casting and bronze working are still used to make an array of utensils.

Labu Sayong Labu Sayong