The stains on the shroud are red

Carbon dating of the turin shroud

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This also would have effected the dating. For example, it is claimed to be the negative image of a crucifixion victim. Rather than the skeptic being inconsistent in the way that they deal with different historical claims, it is in fact the Christian that is guilty of this crime. At the same time, the British Museum was invited to help in the certification of the samples provided and in the statistical analysis of the results.

However shroud proponents have already shown that they aren't prepared to accept, and will challenge, any scientific result that doesn't favour authenticity, eg carbon dating. Unfortunately almost all of these scientists were deeply religious, many were not specialised in the field they investigated and they were actively trying to prove its authenticity. It is claimed that the cloth has some pollen grains and images on it that are of plants found only in the Dead Sea region of Israel.

He turned water into wine at a wedding. So if there was a switch, it was performed by or at least observed by the Archbishop of Turin. At the end of the day most scientifically minded, rational people, Christian and non-Christian, have accepted the carbon dating result. As for bets being placed ahead of time by the scientists, I haven't struck this one before, but even if true it sounds innocent enough to me. Even if the pollen grains weren't introduced by some pious fraud, they could have been carried to the shroud by anyone who handled it.

There is nothing about the shroud that matches what we know about Pontius Pilate. Since he had time to wrap in the spices, he would have had time to wash it. The conservative Catholic Encyclopedia actually argues that the shroud is probably not authentic. If there are open wounds at these low points then you may get some blood flow, but you won't likely get blood flowing from wounds on the top of a body that is lying on its back. However these disciples of Jesus were long dead before the gospels were written.

In October it was announced that scientists in Italy had made a cloth bearing an image very similar to the shroud. There is a consensus of expert opinion. Profumo's response was to announce that he has no intention of funding piezonuclear research without the backing of the scientific community. People deceptively insist that this is an accurate representation of the shroud, but what it omits is far more revealing than what it appears to show.