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Scripture is the sole source of Christian revelation. According to God's command no other doctrine should be preached.

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Even where private judgment has led to the conviction that some other form of religion is preferable to the one professed, conversion is not always achieved. Soli deo Gloria Soli Deo Gloria the justification of God's wisdom and power against papal usurpation and manmade religion, honoring God's sovereign transcendence and providential predestination. The fact of their Catholic origin and surroundings accounts both for their good intention and for the confessions of faith to which they bound themselves. Later Protestantism has forgotten this perhaps more than any other foundation principle. Cada texto de la y lo divino Sagradas Escrituras deben ser aclarados y explicados por otros textos.

In their worship Protestants more than most other Christians stress the preaching of the Word of God as an agent for building faith. The first limitation imposed on the application of private judgment is the incapacity of most men to judge for themselves on matters above their physical needs. The meaning of the protest was that the dissentients did not intend to tolerate Catholicism within their borders. It will ultimately always value the Christ of faith more than the church of history. The second problem involves civil authority.

In addition to the organic mergers of separate bodies that have taken place, movements of federation, councils for cooperation, and coalitions for common tasks have been formed. The number of converts in any denomination compared to the number of stauncher adherents is a negligible quantity. Practitioners ascribe to the idea that the spiritual world and physical world are deeply connected. The second limitation arises from environment and prejudices.