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Being cold blooded, the butterflies have the need to sun themselves and can often be found resting on exposed rocks. Now, this is only half an answer. The agency responsible for the exercise is the Public Works Department and it has cut down more than a hundred trees without permission of the department of forests.

Reports filed by an expert committee and a local commissioner appointed by the National Green Tribunal have said the plant is causing pollution. The Ghazipur landfill has already exhausted its life span.

The landfill at Bhalaswa exhausted its lifespan long back. But the plan has gone haywire. In addition, the tribal community for the first time got access to better health facilities and education.

The elephants cross the railway line from Sankhapol Reserve Forest towards Khamar Nuagaon and Kolathapangl village area besides crossing Ranibanta to Deulia Reserved Forest areas amongst others. The Bengali-speaking areas were consolidated and borders of eastern India redrawn. It now contains a museum that was restored and worked upon a year ago by Showcraft Productions. And finally they are good bio-indicators.