La abogada y socia perfecta

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Son cosas que no se olvidan, son cosas que quedan en el tiempo. For tumblr's BuckyNat Secret Santa. La hija, hermana y prima perfecta. Rated T por futuro contenido y lenguaje. El amor no mide convicciones, y traspasa muchas veces los ideales que defendemos.

Son cosas que no

Let the Infinity War begin. If they could work together to fight the battles we never could. Scorose series of one shots about the development of their non-relationship over time. Entre la esfera, su vecina, su trabajo, su familia, su jefe y Scorpius Malfoy, iba a volverse loca. Cada historia tiene un final.

One shot for now, but might be continued in the future. La abogada y socia perfecta. Serie basada en refranes sabios y populares.

There be fluff, smut, and language ahead folks. She was afraid of how Steve would react to her presence.

For tumblr's BuckyNat Secret

And yes, they semi-frequently sleep together. While the Marauders help Remus through his transformation, Lily waits, because it's the only thing she can do. Le gusta pensar que tiene una sed de justicia que le impide tratarlo de otra manera. That is most definitely worse.

Pero tienes verdadera suerte si todos ellos son la misma persona. Tensions are high when she is called in to rescue a new teammate who got himself captured, and more so when he's made her partner on her next mission. She thinks about them and the man who bears them.

One-shot where Natasha keeps showing up in Bucky's life. Live a nice quiet life being haunted by her past. Natasha Romanoff sets off to make things right after the events of the airport battle. Spoilers only for those not caught up.

And then James is brought in, cut and bleeding. Thank goodness that Natasha has a boyfriend like Steve to brighten her day. Yes, they spend a lot of time together.