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If they won't accept the gospel - raw and undiluted - so be it. To be honest, as I was reading the book, I could hear myself vocalizing some of the same complains as some of the students interviewed in the book.

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Shallow platitudes don't build a robust faith, nor does cultural withdrawal assist in connecting with those outside the Christian community. In contrast to his lack of discussion of objective absolutes, he typically creates contrasting straw men that he then knocks down to bring the reader to a new synthesis of ideas.

Tolerance is the cardinal virtue of the mosaic world. Concluding thoughts A good analysis as to why Christians are leaving established churches is needed, and Kinnaman's book is one place to start.

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The nomad has not altogether abandoned their faith, just stepped away from it for a season. Read it carefully, give it due consideration and allow Kinnaman's findings to help address any changes that might need to be made. Definitely examines some issues several churchgoers - especially church leaders - simply choose to ignore. Again, the author fails to draw a line here. Aquatics Bolen, Ij Shinoda, Montevies.