Book Of Mirdad

After delivering the book into his hands you shall be turned into a stone. This book will definitely require a re-read as it carries so much depth and insight, nerd lapdance on ho What a wonderful read! Any one know where I can buy the audio book? Mirdad would have you know as well that that which can create can also uncreate.

By it were all things made. It is really a case of the mind wanting to cling to what is familiar with and fearing the unknown. But alas, it was too late. You do noy know the Joy of Love so long as there is hatred in your hearts.

The Book of Mirdad

By associating with others that understand the game of the mind and how to beat it we can avoid many a pitfall which would delay our progress. The ebb and flow are but one tide. The words affect your mind, and the music goes directly to your heart.

The Book of Mirdad Audio and Text

If you would be honest with yourselves, then must you love what you hate and what hates you before you love what you love and what loves you. Those who can see neither before nor aft believe this segment of eternity to be itself Eternity. Sustain him with your love that he may see the day when his mouth shall drip with honey like your mouth. Perhaps his purity unveiled my filth, and it grieved me to loose the veils, which I had so long woven for my filth. And then I would have eaten out his heart.

It shows new generations how it is possible to expand one's consciousness, to uncover God in man by dissolving man's sense of duality. Likewise in hating anything, or anyone, you hate in truth but yourselves. Darkness was so heavy I could feel its black weight upon my eyelids. Forgive an unfortunate man. For that which you hate is bound up inseparably with that which you love, like the face and the reverse side of the same coin.

With this he put the flute to his lips and marched off to the weird notes of a tune which wounded like a plaint from the nether worlds. Pulling at my jacket sleeve was an old woman as ugly as the maiden was beautiful. Therefore is God all Love, because he loves himself. Beware of thos who attempt to set him bounderies.

Cruelly I refused to give him a morsel of bread saying that the monastery lived by charity and could dispense no charity. So live as if your God Himself had need of you His life to live. How can your lip, which itself a seal, give utterance to aught but seals? Great was my astonishment, indeed, when I looked and, in truth, found the grotto behind me, and the black chasm yawning before me.

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It owned all the lands, and villages for miles and miles about. It leaves no question in my mind that you are the chosen man. If you choose to read only one book in your whole life, let it be this one.

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The quicker you traverse this stage the sooner you embrace your freedom. It wonthelp us to avoid falls if we jut associate with worldy people who are oblivious of the peril and have no longing to ascend. The very walls of the grotto seemed to be breathing frost.

For in loving anything, or anyone, you love in truth but yourselves. The heart that harbours enmity how can it be a safe abode for friendship?

Or anyone under-create himself? Yet would he not be humbled in any way. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Therefore I say to you that if you pray for anything at all, pray first and last for Understanding. Ask me not for an explanation. Blame not the putrid fruit. Therefore he is tied to none. Tam tikrai aspektais manau taip.

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How can we help but pick and choose. The earth is furrowed with his tombs. If there be briars in your hearts, know that the I in you alone has rooted them therein.

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Why chain you, then, eternity with hours and with seasons? Flesh is a swaddling-band, and likewise all the senses and the things perceivable therewith. And if your speech be such a woeful maze, it is because you are that woeful maze. Now is the last sheaf ready for the sickle. Unveil yourselves, and things will be unveiled.

It seemed to contain no though of anything else. And what os ot to love but for the lover to absorb forever the beloved so that the twain be one? What of the roots that feed the bark, the stem, the branches and the leaves? Each word you utter forth is but a seal.

Less possessed - more accessed. The heat led to recriminations, and recriminations to a general confusion where much was said and nothing understood. Your words, albeit, are much too hard to hear.

Mirdad would have you cast away the veils. Say on, we pray, Mirdad, say on. It is as well the light of all that share the Sun with you.

He must have died a long time since. The heavens are deafened with his prayers.

Its very taking is a giving. That sea is the creation of your I and which is at once the thinker and the thought.

As the creator, so is the creation. Yet holy is this name, and holy is the tongue that keeps it holy. In the end he prevailed upon the Senior to take him as a servant. It is the rider-beam of the balance Eternal whose two pans are the Primal Consciousness and the Word. To the unwise wisdom herself is folly.

The Book of Mirdad

The Book of Mirdad Audio and Text