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It is not necessary to develop the equations for each specific problem and to generate complex codes to get the dispersion relations. Movie of Ex fields from a simulation of a plane wave propagating in the Z direction at normal incidence in free space. It can, though, be cast into a form amenable to the use of iterative, root finding, local algorithms, but these present various difficulties arising from the nature of the equations. At first sight it might seem that the solution of such a problem would have to be also -periodic. In this paper, the root loci of the R-L equation have been obtained using the bisection method, which always converges.

Introduction Floquet-Bloch hereafter F-B theory provides a strategy to analyze the behavior of systems with a periodic structure. They are obtained by different methods. Is there some examples to this problem.

Can you send me a simple example, I'll really appreciate it. Rather than seeing every oscillation of the fields, only the envelope function will be visible.

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Here it is used to obtain the dispersion curves of a single layer case and to estimate the elastic parameters of a real steel slab, for showing the method. For example, they are used extensively in Bandstructure calculations.