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Your age and life style e. The hairdresser will check your hair and scalp and recommend a colour.

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Add one tablespoon of coffee, one-tablespoon amla powder or add one tablespoon of kaththa. Replace separated liquid in a pot again and reduce to a quarter of its volume. Beyond this, there is no development of colour.

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You must use special colour protecting shampoo. It also makes hair appear thicker and lends some body and lustre.

Add a small piece of alum as fixative. Do not rub the dye into your scalp.

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Lime juice is added to help release the colour. Colour it right Here are the ways in which to go about dyeing those beautiful tresses for best results. After colouring, make sure you allow your hair to remain dry for days and nights to allow the process to oxidise properly.

You need not apply henna overnight. Conditioning helps the hair from being damaged and keeps it shiny and healthy. If you have a sensitive scalp, space the colouring sessions well apart. The oil actually protects the skin and hair from chemicals. Do not colour your hair just before or after perming, as it will damage your hair.

This is the concluding article on hair dyeing. Later, on you can follow it by retouching at home. It has the ability to coat the hair shaft and in fact, provides added protection.

Check the date of expiry and buy from a reputed store. Add one tablespoon of ground cloves mixed with henna. This will give a darker shade. Most companies provide small sachets of shampoo and conditioner.

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There are chances of the dye entering the bloodstream. The answer to this is that dark hair will not be coloured red but the white hair will have a red tinge unless you add some herbs to give it a brown tinge. Separate the dark liquid from the shells by pressing or by twisting the shells in a cloth. Follow the instructions given on the product for mixing as well as the time you require the dye to be on your hair.

Put walnut shells in a container and cover with water, add some salt. Walnut shells Unripe walnuts, not the hard shells Walnut shells make another harmless dye, tropa de elite trailer latino dating which progressively adds colour to the hair. Mixing of henna Different shades are made by mixing henna powder with herbs and other products.

Mix in an iron vessel and this will help to give a dark brown shade. Always choose a hair dye or colour from a reputed firm. It is better than shampooing.

Use on clean shampooed hair. You can apply dye on dirty hair.

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Another question that is commonly asked is whether henna will colour the entire hair flaming red. Use a conditioner every time you wash your hair, again use the shampoo and conditioner from the same company. How to choose your colour If you are colouring your hair for the first time, it is advisable to go to a professional beauty parlour and get your hair coloured or touched up.

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