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Once again oily scalps are common, especially in Singapore. The pull test was negative over the scalp and there were no other areas of alopecia over the body. An example is Alopecia Areata which is spot baldness.

Trichostasis spinulosa is a follicular disorder resulting from the retention of numerous hairs surrounded by a keratinous sheath in dilated follicles. There were multiple follicular dark structures over the vertex. Trauma to the scalp this means blow-drying and covering grays can make the situation worse. Oily and yellow scales or flakes that stick onto your hair and head. Oily greasy hair also weighs down on your hair, making your crown look unnaturally flat.

As your own cells cluster around the hair follicle and suppress hair growth, small patches of hair loss is resulted. It can wreak havoc on the skin.

While some of the above conditions may cause hair loss, we also note that hormonal changes, genetics and sudden infections may also play a part. It contains Fullerene, a Nobel Prize-winning compound that helps recover the natural skin barrier on top of easing inflammation and controlling sebum.

Thankfully, modern medicine has the answer to keep your scalp looking and feeling good. Lastly, taking a break from over-processing your hair and rocking more natural styles are definitely encouraged. And the face, ears, and chest can also be affected. Going for an in-salon treatment on a regular basis also improves blood circulation on the scalp and give it the necessary nutrients. Dry, ageing and itching scalp The scalp contains hair roots, sebaceous glands, nerves and blood vessels.

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The resulting rash is usually painful and scaly, sometimes even causing enlarged lymph nodes. Cradle cap in babies, parlays into red, itchy patches with greasy scale or dandruff in an adult.

Excessive exposure to the sun, harsh hair products such as bleach, hair colour, minoxidil, hair products containing propylene glycol can cause your scalp to turn red or produce allergic reactions. His family history was positive for androgenetic alopecia, but there was no personal or familial history of alopecia areata. For the most part, scalp cysts are mostly genetic, benign, and no cause for concern.

If a microbe is causing your scalp woes, a topical or oral antibiotic will be the best treatment option. Often a prescription strength anti-yeast shampoo called ketoconazole will do the trick. Even if you deal with the issue immediately, it will take time before hair will grow naturally.

But dandruff is just one of many common scalp conditions that can mess with your daily routine. You are more likely to get Scalp Psoriasis if you have psoriasis somewhere else on your body. Although no definitive cause has been identified, a yeast fungus called malassezia that is in the oil secretion on the skin, seems to be the most likely culprit.

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