But no, it doesn't work like that

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In its step towards that, it recently added a feature of displaying education and job details of users globally. In its first such steps, it opened its first international office in New Delhi on Wednesday, and named Taru Kapoor as its country head. Just start a conversation with a joke or a cool face rather than typical questions. It depends on how well you can gauge how prudish the other person is. Mashable spoke to six Indian women on Tinder who shared their secrets on what makes them swipe left or right on men's profiles.

Yet, I've been recommending it to everyone, just for the sheer joy of rejecting men. Icebrkr will help you become a Casanova by writing texts for you. Then there are the bare chested men with no face. People need to break the norm of getting to know each other. However, what surprised many is the claim that Indian women were more active swiping on profiles than men, especially after a series of media reports on Indian men not finding any matches on Tinder.

But no, it doesn't work like that. It makes it seem like you don't have friends to take pictures of you. And if the woman finds out later they might be a smidge upset. My friends are a varied lot but nobody likes that.

Everyday, I would get friend requests on Facebook. Anything that shows that you're a normal person is cool.

In its first such stepsIn its step towards

Yet, she will actively engage in conversations with users and invite feedback in order to introduce features specific to India. And being a Tinder coach is allegedly very, very profitable. They don't have a sense of humour or creativity.

Dating though will remain its most popular category. Also, women are the clear centre of focus as potential users for Tinder in India. My folders were full of strange messages from men wanting to meet up. Interestingly, the number of requests for adding this information was the highest from Indian users. Guys like that for women, so they think it works for them as well.

There is the nuclear option of hiring a Tinder coach to help you get those matches you so desperately crave. One guy even continuously messaged me on Twitter, and sent me a friend request on Linkedn.