Bda housing projects in bangalore dating

Bda housing projects in bangalore dating

Affordability is a huge

For the second allotment, applicants were chosen by means of a lucky draw. Affordability is a huge pull factor for aspiring homebuyers eyeing the city. Numerous lifestyle amenities and shops for daily convenience are within easy reach for the residents.

The old registration card can be used to submit the present application. There is a defect liability period of two years for the flats and the common built up area. During the first allotment, flats were allotted on a first-come-first-serve basis. Following this, the individuals can apply once again and seniority will be given to them at the time of the next flat allotment. Defects, if any, will be rectified by the builder for up to two years.

An acknowledgement can then be collected from the bank. The apartment owners association is expected to handle the maintenance of the flats. Applicants can apply for a flat in a single locality. The previous attempt of the applicants will be considered for seniority at the time of allotment of flats. There is no income limit for those applying under the general category.

Only one flat will be allotted to those who have applied for flats in more than one locality. The filled application form along with initial deposit should be submitted in the same branch where the registration has been done. If any of the information provided by the applicant is false or misleading, the allotment will stand cancelled and registration fee and deposit paid will be forfeited.

Once allottees are in possession of the absolute Sale Deed for the flats, they can choose to sell the flats if they wish to. If they wish to apply for a flat in more than one location, they need to fill out a separate application form for each location, and initial deposit applicable must be paid. Rays of Dawn It is a acre residential property located in southwest suburbs of the city at Kumbalgodu on the Mysore Road. This amount will be adjusted towards the total cost of the flat in the case of successful applicants, and refunded without interest in case of unsuccessful applicants.

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