Membership of small groups

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Vital was named as Assistant Scoutmaster on probation. Membership of small groups. Alfred Pickford accompanied them and became one of their closest friends. Lord and Lady Baden-Powell arrived in Bombay in late January for a short tour of the subcontinent before leaving Calcutta for Rangoon.

Vital was named as Assistant

During national disasters, such as the many floods that strike Bangladesh, Scouts are called to help with flood control, relocation of citizens and organizing shelters. Prior to this date, Scouting was open only for British and foreign Scouts.

Membership of small groups

Sir Robert invited the boys to try and establish a troop.

Later on, separate groups in Calcutta were entitled One to Four, and St. Bangladesh Scouts receive strong support from the government, which recognized Scouting's value in citizenship training. Gregory's became Fifth Troop of the Bengal Presidency. Progressive and stimulating programs. As a way of getting around the Government Order, the Boy Scouts of Bengal was founded, with identical aims and methods.