One-piece front ends are permitted

Baja class 10 rules for dating

Wheelbase may be lengthened to a maximum of inches as measured from front wheel centerline to rear wheel centerline. Stock body width must be retained. Rear fender mounting height is optional.

Fender mounting location must

Firewalls may be attached to the rollcage. All fuel fillers attached to the frame or body must have a flexable coupling to the tank.

Container The bladder shall be fully surrounded in a smooth skinned casing. Saftey fuel cells shall consist of a bladder enclosed in a metal minimum of.

All fillers must be located

Fender mounting location must remain stock. All fillers must be located within a line drawn from two extremities of the frame or body structure so as to prevent opening during roll-over or accidental impact. Fuel tank breathers must be vented outside the drivers compartment.

Rotary molded polymer cells are acceptable.

Foam Internal baffling is required in all fuel cells. Any other color coated lenses will not be accepted. Auxiliary fuel tanks must be safety fuel cells. If convertible body is used the windshield framework must be retained. Aircraft batteries which are not covered but located in the driver's compartment are not acceptable.

Use of magnesium prohibited. Hardtop sedans must retain top, removal of top is not permitted. Pedals may be of any manufacturer with mounting location optional on left side of vehicle. During an event if the light goes out it must be fixed or replaced at the next available pit location before proceeding in the race. Removal of front and rear sheet metal is permitted but only enough as required to allow for installation of Baja kit or one piece front end.

The container must contain the quantity of acid in the battery when inverted. Windshield and window glass is optional but must be shatterproof if retained. No oxygen bearing fuel including alcohol or nitromethane is allowed. Rear fenders must resemble Baja fenders. One-piece front ends are permitted.

Metal may be added to strengthen the body and floor pan. The container shall be made of. Body may not be cut any farther forward then the upper line of the original engine cover. The lens must be coated deep amber.

Rear fenders must have rolled edges but may be made of metal or fiberglass. Rearward facing lights must be in a operational conditionbefore the vehicle will be allowed to start an event.