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While Salem got the year sentence for his crime, Duke and Salem's other underlings got shorter sentences. Technically, Josh is her manager, although the relationship is somewhat different because Sabrina's aunt Hilda later owns the shop. When Sabrina showed the photo to her aunts, Zelda used a reverse angle spell to reveal the culprit, but the blackmailers face was hidden by a big camera with only the right hand visible. Salem has a grown-up daughter named Annabelle. He had a blond woman who was supposed to be Fay Wray sitting on his palm.

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Zsa Zsa was forced to import some perspective which came in the form of an eyeball which Sabrina used to make Harvey normal again. Later on, she met a man named Aaron, who also worked in the music industry and the two began dating. Katrina is Sabrina's evil twin.

Harvey returned to the show full-time in Season Six. Marie was first to come from the clock. Unfortunately, Duke's magic was very rusty, and he ended up blowing up Hilda's clock shop. Sabrina was wearing a Halloween costume consisting only of a pair of red-rimmed glasses, similar to Sally Jessy Raphael's. He gets jealous of Harvey since he is still close with Sabrina.

Diana is mortal, and therefore has no magic. Beulah played by Jo Anne Worley is Sabrina's great aunt. In her first appearance, she is shown to have the habit of shrinking people she does not like into jars.

She also gives Sabrina her official witches license at the end of the episode. It was later suggested, by Aunt Hilda, that she and Mortimer were originally scheduled to sit next to each other at Sabrina's wedding, much to Hilda's dismay. Sabrina made countless attempts to make Annie like her. Harvey became Morgan's boyfriend for a time, but had developed feelings for Sabrina again, even coming to her rescue a couple of times. To teach Sabrina a lesson about caring about looks, she cast a spell on Harvey which turned him into a furry beast.

In later seasons Sabrina was enrolled

Was once stood up on a date by Hilda. In later seasons, Sabrina was enrolled at the fictional Adams College in Boston. Libby is the mean girl of the series.

Over the course of the next two years their relationship further developed upon the point of getting married, thus Gail became Sabrina's step-mother. She was played by American actress Lindsay Sloane.