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Backdating flat rate scheme

When Carer's Allowance is awarded, the Carer is issued with a list of circumstances and events which may affect entitlement to the allowance. Flexibility is applied in allowing the applicant time to arrange acceptance onto a suitable course. See separate guideline Overpayment Recovery. See Increase for Living on Specified Islands guideline for more general information. Any overpayment of pension would also be repayable to the Department.

In such circumstances a

If an overpayment of Carer's Allowance has occurred it may be recoverable by the Department. For those on government authorised exchange schemes, the sponsor is the body which manages the scheme, rather than the individual employer. See separate guidelines on Back to Education. Where the details furnished are not to the satisfaction of the Deciding Officer e.

While on Back To Education Allowance a person can have any other income without affecting the payment, e. Payment may be made in certain circumstances for periods during which a Carer is temporarily outside of the State.

In addition, the training a business visitor can receive has been extended to include corporate training that is for the purposes of the visitor's employment overseas. In such circumstances, a Deciding Officer may revise a decision on entitlement, if it is to the advantage of the claimant. The cared for person must be adequately cared for in the Carer's absence. This grant is at a fixed amount for all carer's, and does not vary with the weekly rate in payment.

The Department must be notified in advance of departure. This statement is put before the Chief Appeals Officer. Only one Carer's Allowance can be paid in respect of a person requiring full-time care and attention. See separate guideline on Means Assessment for fuller details. Absence from the State Carer's allowance is not payable outside of the State.

This reference number should be quoted in any future contact with the Department regarding Carer's Allowance. See separate guideline on Payment Methods for full details of the circumstances in which payments after death are made.

The main rules likely to affect voluntary organisations as employers are set out below, but this is only a superficial overview of a complex and constantly changing area of law. The care recipient must not already be receiving full-time care and attention within his or her own residence from another person. Respite Payment The Respite Care Grant is an annual payment for carers who look after certain people who need full-time care and attention. It is automatically paid on the first Thursday in June and is paid to carer's to cover the cost of respite care.

It was payable in respect of a relative specified in legislation of a social welfare pensioner, who was living with and providing full-time care and attention to the pensioner. All non-resident care situations may require investigation by a Social Welfare Inspector before consideration by the Deciding Officer. For fuller details see separate guideline on Free Travel. Any foreign social welfare payment in excess of the maximum Irish State Pension Contributory is treated as income for the means test.

In addition the training a business