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Bayewu was hanged by the state some years later. He sang with an authority of being in possession of a musical inspiration and mastery of his trade that verged on blatant arrogance.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. It was said that it was during this pilgrimage that he and Olowonyo decided to mend fences. The late Apala singer, Omowura.

Omowura held society spellbound by his song, occasionally infusing his Egba dialect as a musical motif, delivered in a rich voice that was perhaps accentuated by his rumored passion for cannabis. In a very scurrilous attack which made him and his song almost like leprosy to feminists for his perceived anti-women biases, Omowura attacked societal malaise and projected a high moral universe.

His view of a musician was one who fully participated in the cumbersome process of dialogue and interrogation of the complex situational issues of society. Notify me of new posts by email.

Stung by this jab, Omowura was said to have contacted a dentist who bleached his tobacco-stained teeth. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. An effusion of anger had reportedly seized Omowura as he drove hastily off to accost Bayewu. His dirge at the death of Seriki Amodemaja, an Egba chief and prominent Ogboni fraternity chieftain, was a masterpiece in its own right. He was also said to have once been a driver.

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Your email address will not be published. Unfortunately, he never lived to witness both. Critics also locate the incident of his death in his perceived over-indulgence with violence and belief in the rescue potential of the talisman. Related Nigeria West Africa.

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He died at the Ijaye General Hospital, Abeokuta. To under obvious demise, use of the language in conversation and writing is declining by the day while no person, organisation or government seem to have a clue on how to redress the slide. So also is the elegy to Akanni Fatai, also known as Bolodeoku.

Cuban music - Yoruba music. The good thing here is the consensus on the ties between Yoruba music, culture and processes of socialisation of the Yoruba personage in all its ramifications. Despite his talent and inspiration, Omowura was blessed with a crop of equally talented composers who made his job of singing a lot easier and he acknowledged their composition in his songs. Like every other musician, women made up the coatings of his world. Omowura, though illiterate, projected the image of an ombudsman to the oppressed.

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Eldest daughter of the Apala musician, Alhaja Alimot Ayinla Omowura, thanked the state government for immortalising her father. In a stout defence of the vehicle, Ayinla argued there was nothing wrong with its engine or structure. Others may hold a contrary view that Ayinla Omowura is better known, and the most successful musician of Apala. Like a prophet, java for windows xp 64 bit Omowura went on his journey without giving notice. Omowura lamented his illiteracy and tried to rise above its limitations.

When General Murtala Mohammed was assassinated, Omowura delved into a soul-inspiring, tear-jerking elegy Dimka, eni o pa o! He was one of the few musicians who paid tribute to a fallen colleague of theirs, Ayinde Bakare, who was found murdered after some days of frenetic search for him Vol. At the beginning, he was not making much from music and had to engage in other chores while playing music for consummatory purposes. She said the kind gesture would go down as the first of its kind in the relationship between the government and the family of the music icon. His songs can often be heard on popular radio stations across Yorubaland.

The and Challenge Cup matches which later became the titles of an album and a track in Vols. He reminded the prodigal son that his parents could abruptly go on a troubadour of no return for which the parents would give no prior notice and that truancy does not pay.

The desire to one day travel abroad abi London ti e wi ti ya? He said those poking fun at him for purchasing the Toyota did not even possess the bike of the palm wine-taper! He is credited with re-popularizing a genre that was fast becoming the preserve of older Muslims of the Yoruba tribe. In a solemn, escapist reply, Omowura then told Olowonyo that he who had found favour in the sight of the world, the world would in turn overlook his inadequacies eni aye n fe o larun kan lara. She said the renovation of the building would boost the tourism potential of the state, create employment opportunities and preserve the remarkable achievements of her late father.

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Download Mp3 Ayinla Omowura Ewe Ewuro MP3 DOWNLOAD

Incidentally, however, his songs come across as anti-feminist as he hardly perceived anything of good in the womenfolk, except seeing them as commodities. She said although the Amosun administration had less than four weeks to end its eight-year tenure, the renovation of the dilapidating structure would be completed in record time. One of his most spectacular contributions to poetry was a piece on women owning and operating beer parlours. They were both reported to have also engaged in physical battles on several occasions. Perhaps if he had not been a musician, Omowura would have been a footballer.

Ayinla Omowura Ise Ile

In a bid to find answers to these questions it might be necessary to examine the definition of what qualify as Yoruba music and its roots. Omowura was very fetish like many musicians of his time.

Both songs are spiced with his characteristic eulogy of the dead and philosophical interrogation of the concept, process and inscrutable essence of death. He was a farmer, trader, hunter, weaver of clothes, canoe-man, jujuman, native doctor, drummer, singer, master of occultism, physician, judge, wood carver, warrior, house builder and statesman.

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Each of these calling has its own communication parlance derived from everyday observation of interaction of attendant elements and people involved. How come nobody can continue the beat taking any semblance of a cue from the titans? Haruna Ishola is undoubtedly the best-known performer of apala in Nigerian history.