Auto updating twitter feed

Auto updating twitter feed

Developers can then get their apps

Have a read and let us know what you think. It will also tell you the times of day when your tweets will get maximum exposure.

This is good for creating event-based Twitter display streams, like at a trade show, for example. Many Twitter clients, in fact, force you to interact with the on-screen client in order to get the tweets you want delivered.

Follow the prompts to

But if you come across several interesting stories in the course of your surfing it's not good to send out a sudden flurry of tweets all at once. Whether it's local news, influential tweeters or buddies, you can quickly get a snapshot of what's going on that matters to you. You can import and manage your Twitter lists too. Twitter has taken the social media world by storm but, as anyone who's used it will know, it can be quite demanding. Here are our favourite five tools to help.

Follow the prompts to install the extension. Developers can then get their apps to auto-refresh or just notify the user that tweet events have occurred, as is the case with many Android apps. You need to use it regularly to get the most out of it otherwise your followers will lose interest.

The answer lies in a bit of automation. You can then just glance at the screen. Falcon Pro is an Android app that allows auto-refresh streaming. Tweriod might help you find the answer.