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Attempted abduction hispanic man dating

According to the Army, he did not respect authority and punched an officer. Pfau Library when a man grabbed her from behind.

Both the store and the parking lot had surveillance cameras and a witness identified two Hispanic males in the aggravated robbery. Detectives with the Berkeley Police Department are canvassing the neighborhood looking for potential witnesses or similar vehicles. Police encourage the public to be on the lookout for suspicious behavior and to contact the Berkeley Police Department at if they have witnessed this event or have additional information.

The search lasted for three weeks but came up empty. Kennedy Escoto was convicted of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and sentenced to forty years. On Wednesday, another woman reported an attempted sexual assault in the Pfau Library, according to a separate email from campus officials. Police asked people in the surrounding area to stay in their homes and report any suspicious activity.

As a result, Escoto was arrested and admitted to his involvement but tried to pin everything on his passenger Timoteo Rios. They needed Jean to give up the names of those who were involved. This assailant forced him into the trunk of his own car but when the gunman has trouble starting the car, the victim was able to escape.

Ten hours later, a woman called to report a person wearing a mask in a carport. At this point, they had tons of evidence and knew all these crimes were connected. Investigators questioned Nicholas who tried to stick with the story that he was only a driver for the gang.

He was wearing dark-colored shorts and a gray T-shirt. It was at this time she was stabbed and the assailant changed plans and took off in the car he came in.

These attacks were random

He had also been discharged from the U. The assailant was gone by the time the police arrived and only managed to steal the gun. He was wearing a black shirt, tan-cargo shorts, black socks and was carrying a red backpack. The woman reported that she fought off the attacker, who then fled. When the assailant realized he escaped, he began chasing him down and shooting at him but he made it to safety.

Schmidt was convicted

These attacks were random and it illicited fear in the community. Schmidt was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to life without parole. After a few hours, Detectives began to lose their patience and demanded that Jean tell them what happened because they knew he had information.

The police responded and an intensified attempt to find this dangerous assailant was initiated. The employees got her baby for her and laid the baby next to her mother on the floor. Texas Equusearch was called in to help them find Susana. She made a quick stop at the cellphone store.