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Those two games were the start of a great rivalry. Manaus is surrounded by the lush green of the Amazon rain forest. Both clubs are among the most successful clubs of the country. Taj Bispo Dom Jose, is a trendy venue that offers fine sushi. Of the city's three teams, America are the only club to have reached the Brasileirao's top division.

The extremely traditional Pinguim Grao Mongol, beer house is still the best meeting point to drink cold draught beer. The smallest of the northeastern cities to host the World Cup, Natal is a world away from the frenzy of Recife or Salvador. The Castelao was the first of the World Cup stadiums to be confirmed as ready. Such violence is gang related and highly localised and hopefully won't affect World Cup visitors. The match is the biggest game of the season in Monterrey, and every year tickets are sold out before the season starts.

Rio Grande do Norte is the largest producer of shrimp in the country, so if you enjoy seafood, then definitely have your fill. The Arena Pantanal stadium has been built with the environment very much at the forefront of the process. Fresh, cold beer is also in good supply, as are the cheese and ham sandwiches. Bar do Armando, in the centre of the city, guarantees cold beer, great appetisers and a full house every night.

If you are looking to stay close to the bars and restaurants, then choose the historic centre of the city Centro. Make the most of your meals and happy hours. The Estadio Mineirao, which is owned by the state, has staged numerous footballing memories, having been the home of Cruzeiro. Ponta Negra beach is a popular destination in Natal, with visitors not short of food and drink options.

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If your budget is of a decent size, you could enquire to your hotel about taking a helicopter flight over the natural wonders of national parks Chapada and the Pantanal. With its location on the main avenue Av. You might feel that the locals are more introverted than you would expect Brazilians to be, and you'll be right. Such an organised city boasts an amazing network of parks.

Santos fans consider Corinthians as their main rival. The Arena da Baixada will be the oldest venue to host matches at the tournament. The Crew won over their new rival.

The most important facts of this rivalry are the long periods in which each team could not defeat the other, with heavy defeats for each one. At least you can buy water in several small shops along the way.

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Forget barbecues and feijoada, the bean stew so famously associated to Brazil. Since then, Botafogo fans share the same despise as Fluminense's and Vasco da Gama's fans for Flamengo and its torcida, all of them hate the black and red team.