If you have the time, watch it

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That simply by preparing your body and mind to be able to defend yourself, you will acquire a confidence that will manifest itself in almost a kind of aura. Something we all want to be ready for in case it ever happens. An exercise that seems pointless and tedious at the time, but is really preparing us to be ready for something more complex when and if we face it. It probably stems from the first time my parents took me to the movie theater to see Aladdin.

One that will literally deter your opponents from wanting to fight you in the first place. Because when it was the last thing I wanted to do, I found myself getting close to the one person the strongest feelings I ever had were for. After my last relationship, I wanted nothing to do with dating. At least, it would be for me. If you have the time, watch it.

And when I did want to date, no one I met seemed worth the time or effort. To feel perfectly fine on your own.

And when ITo feel perfectly fine on