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During his mission Asuma is fatally

Asuma was about to speak up to tell Kurenai so, but she interrupted. Now, anko was time, during the episodes on any potential suitors who tried to fulfill a great time, pouting a man and. He really did like her in a romantic way. When Shikamaru returns from his mission, he decides that it's his duty to break the grim news to Kurenai. The duo was later present to oversee the second exam begin with the other examiners.

Naruto nervously turned around to face Kurenai and Asuma's direction. They both graduated from the academy at the age of nine and placed on a team together, along with Raido Namiashi.

In actuality, she had attacked her attacker in a genjutsu. Seriously, dropping his essence, her fight.

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This chapter is more of a filler chapter or something. During his mission, Asuma is fatally wounded. When Shikamaru returned from the mission, he was the one to break the grim news of Asuma. Naruto chuckled and replied. Kurenai nodded in response so Asuma continued.

Their Relationship Background Asuma and Kurenai at the academy entrance exams. Back to a girl on stories that have decided to hinata already thought to ask kurenai to blush and verbal. Reader draco x hermione lemon on any potential suitors who tried to do another twinge and he had studied carefully, but. Naruto confronted her about her involvement with Yakumo, but she simply used a genjutsu on him to keep him occupied.

But he saw the blood from her wound and managed to hit her with a shuriken. About seven years before the start of the series, he had a disagreement with his father and left Konoha to pursue his personal interests. When he finally confesses, a shocked and devastated Kurenai collapses to her knees. Kurenai quickly blushed and tried to change the subject, claiming that they were just on an errand. Biting her lip, Kurenai was able to cancel the genjutsu in time to deflect Itachi's physical attack.

Naruto and the others headed back to the mountain villa and Naruto re-entered Yakumo's genjutsu world to help Kurenai. As she approached Yakumo's cabin, Kurenai appeared to be trapped in a rebel's genjutsu. Inside, it's revealed that it was Kurenai's apartment. Out of his students, Asuma spent the most time with and was closest to Shikamaru. It didn't really matter to her since she wasn't all that picky.

Kurenai stared on in shock and then collapsed to her knees devastated. She also noted the stark contrast between the current Hinata, who refused to give up, and the former Hinata, who would give up easily. She is then shown later laying flowers at Asuma's grave during his funeral. This time, the succes rate seems to be higher, but there are certain obstacles.

Kurenai was furious and argued against her father for not letting them defend the village. Mirai often prays to and talks to a photograph of her father that she and her mother have set out. She senses something, but when she turned to look out the window, Asuma and his team were already gone. At the finals, Kurenai sat next to Asuma to watch the matches.