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The housemaid gives Humbert a letter from Charlotte shortly thereafter, in which she confesses that she has fallen in love with him. Later, Humbert allows himself to be captured by police while driving recklessly in a daze. He repeatedly asks if it has been returned. This specific incident in the episode is discussed in a article on the decline of the use of public libraries in Britain by G.

Our age difference just caused a lot of problems. He gives her ten times as much money as she asked for, and then asks her to abandon this life and leave with him. Humbert recovers the letters from the accident scene and destroys them.

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Companion to the American Short Story. The memoir's author uses the pseudonym Humbert Humbert to refer to himself in the manuscript. It premiered in London with Brian Cox as Humbert. Humbert no longer feels any sexual attraction to the now-matured Dolores, but nevertheless realizes he's still in love with her. Afterward, she supported herself by working as a waitress.

She did not provide Humbert with her street address. Amis interprets it as a story of tyranny told from the point of view of the tyrant. Humbert feels guilty about consciously raping her, and so tricks her into taking the sedatives in her ice cream. Quilty at first thinks Humbert is a man from the phone company, then just another actor or socialite taking advantage of his generosity.

Later he convinces Charlotte's friends and

Two editions of a Swedish translation were withdrawn at the author's request. She wants to show him, and so the two have sex. Humbert contemplates murdering Charlotte to remain close to Dolores, and even comes close to drowning her in the town lake, but stops before carrying it out. Ray says he received the memoir from Humbert's lawyer, C. We never see your credit card or personal information.

Later, he convinces Charlotte's friends and neighbors that he should look after Dolores as he is now her stepfather. She adds that if he doesn't love her back he must move out immediately. He manipulates her with gifts of money and clothing in return for sexual favors. When it is eventually returned, there is a commotion amongst the library users who all want the book.