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Since I wrote the above, I have acquired the compilation, which is an essential for all interested in Tertullian. It is very nice indeed to see Petitmengin return to the manuscripts and editions of Tertullian. Tertulliani Adversus Iudaeos, Lengthy prefaces to a modern edition of this work.

English introduction to Latin text. This gives us, in effect a collation of C. Their kind wishes are appreciated, and indeed in a humble way, reciprocated. Includes biographical material on Modius, and useful references. Sider points out that of the Latin Fathers, Tertullian stands third after Augustine and Ambrose in terms of attention in the scholarly literature.

Enough general remarks are made about the text of Tertullian that this article would place any general reader in a position to grasp what might be thought a recondite subject. Rankin shows that terms used as evidence for the jurist theory are also used by people like Cicero and Lactantius. It's also a guide to the editions of the various works in progress. Revists Kroymann and disputes some of his conclusions, providing his own stemma for this work. The suggestion that X is the ancestor of F, V, L etc is not generally regarded as sound.

However subsequent scholars have not always agreed. All we need is a producer with vision. He establishes that the two authentic branches of the tradition are those attributing it to Pope a Damasus and b Gelasius the Pope Hormisdas version is a late Spanish variant of the Gelasius version.

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