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  1. The individual labels are detailed on the next page.
  2. At this point, the recording opera- tions of the three laiel groups were combined.
  3. The la- bels of these often show a control numb er which may be in the wax as well - see each label for details.
  4. Either is a possibility, see next coliunn.
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The Almost Complete 78 Rpm Record Dating Guide

These sold well at first, but proved too unwieldly and their accompanying machines too expensive after a few car. The C series, used primarily but not ex- clusively on the series, are sides pxv duced by Norman Cranz. These may appear on other Columbia labels. Kresge, although this has not been verified. Some of the latter may have n umb ers duplicated by later issues.

Although few new labels appeared, several of the independent operations continued into the latter half of that decade. Custom pressings app- ear on New York and other labels, as well as records credited only to the Consolidated Re- cord Company. Many firms set up custom pressing plants, where anyone who wanted and many did could have records pressed. The records were issued under the Starr name for the first year, imt the name was changed to Cennett, after the family who ojierated the piano firm.

This is particularly true of dated records, as those from the mid-depression era are fairly scarce. The other let- ters and numbers indi- cats record size, fayetteville ar dating speed and other internal data. Matrices appeared both at the bottom of the label and handwritten in the run-out area.

The Almost Complete Guide to Dating 78 Rpm Records - AbeBooks
  • Qieck it against other records in your collection to see if the manufacturer can be identified, or check to see if a matrix number appears and it is in a listed sequence.
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  • This proved to be so sucessful and, in fact, is still in operation today, using the same trade mark!
The Almost Complete 78 Rpm Dating Guide - Dating Online

Finally, one word of advice. From to the Other series not listed. In this case, it may be possible to date it by matrix n umb er. Advice For Dating Arab Men. They were most notable because they were the first double.

The almost complete 78 rpm record dating guide ( edition)

In fact, it is all but impossible for any reference book to be absolutely complete, cspcially one such as this where, much of the original information is unavailable now if indeed it ever existed. There are even examples known of a series of music educatiem reands recorded ffu a publisher by Cennett, but pressed by Gedumbia! If you are not an experienced record collector, or are. They also appear to be closely related to the Consolidated Record Company, the final manufacturer of Emerson records.

They apparently recor- ded a number of custom pressings as weU. The Masterworks series issues are divided into three pieriods. Users should note the new arrangement of the index, however! Other independent labels of all periods are covered insofar as information is available. The primary ex- ception is the series below.

All numbers are estimated as this material was often held. The firm also pessed the ftdlowing labels related to U. During most of the existence of tlie lal ei if Lew from Victor and Bluebird, primarily the latter.

The very first issues bore Arto numbers, but a prefix was quickly used. He had operations in the United States apparently only as an importer, which were run by Otto Heinemann under the latter's own name. Their masters were leased extensively to other independent companie. Some of these xnnpanies marketed records in Britain under their own name, while others either selected a name more suited to the British market or pressed records for all comers.

Further series sec next page. Edison, on the other hand, never set up a factory, choosing to have their products distributed by a Canadian firm. Several Canadian independent labels, in fact, watch dating rules free were eventually taken over by the once-minor labels whose product they pressed in Canad. First Date Tips For Tweens. First Date Tips For Friends.

Another related category, although not private records, are the almost pressed by the record companies themselves to sir or demonstrate their products. Frmn this point until they drew almost entirely on the output of Emerson, who leased sides extensively under series control numbers during this period. Dating Advice Almost Daily. The list above is by no means complete. For the newspaper complete, it is impassible to date such issues, guide for this reason they are included in the list of items dating which the Guide is long minim al value.

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The Almost Complete Guide to Dating 78 Rpm Records

The 78rpm Home Page - Discographies

Where this was consistently quick guide Cnide provides information on these series record weU, but this is guide ours the case. First number unknown but may continue pre- vious series. The source for pressing is not currently known, dating carbon and the author has not seen an example.

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Black Christian Dating Advice. Ken Kennedy Dating After Divorce. Biblical Dating After Divorce. Zippo Lighter Dating Guide. If the above information is not sufficient to locate entries for desired labels, free dating pmb the user may consult the index at the front of the Guide.

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The ccunpany acquired the Canadian rights to Mercury in and by had dropped Monogram. Note that many of the popular sides nm very close to the Grey GuU control series at the higher end of the range. These appeared in late and seem to have disappeared shortly thereafter. Around this time, some firms elected to get around this situation by issuing vertical-cut records not covered under these patents.

The almost complete 78 rpm record dating guide (II)

Christian Dating Tips For Girls. Note that dating data is imprecise for many of the, series. Only one item is known from the ethnic? The third issue may have supexseded these or may be a separate entity.

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Most of the series not listed here had but a handful of issues, and a short life span. Columbia continued to press them, and Oxfords in the catalog acquired new labels. Highe r n umb ers were pressed by Plaza, with blocks of numbers iLsed in a random fashion. Their records sold well, and they became a major name in records.

The almost complete 78 rpm record dating guide

This, as well, applies to values. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? The nanic aetptired by Dsexa. Pathe recorded briefly in Canada, but Brunswick cut only a few special items.

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