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List of video games featuring Mario. Goombas are one of the most common enemies in the Super Mario games, ude jab jab zulfen teri mp3 as well as the first and among the most basic.

This is the third installment for the Wii in the Super Mario series. The Penguin Suit and the Propeller Mushroom are new power-ups in this game. Paragoombas are winged Goombas. Buzzy Beetles are small yet tough Koopas that are immune to fire, and tend to live in caves. Falling Spikes are spikes on the ceiling, sometimes stalactites, that fall down.

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Nokis are a race of mollusk-like beings who originate from Isle Delfino as well. It started in with the creation of Super Mario Bros. Ring Beamers are round laser-using robots, which come in numerous varieties. Mario Games newest most liked popular. Super Mario Sunshine also has an aggressive red type that will damage Mario far easier.

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This game also includes the Super Guide, a demo video for those who are struggling in a particular level. When they see Mario, they will chase him and fling him up in the air, but are unlikely to damage him. Much like Super Mario Bros.

Grinders are large saw blades that follow tracks, although even larger versions exist as well. The game was a great success. Subcons are peaceful fairy-like folk in Super Mario Bros. Mario is the main protagonist in his titular series of games.

It spiraled an indirect follow-up, New Super Mario Bros. The other baby Baby Mario falls on Yoshi's Island where he is picked by the Yoshis that reside in there. He is the King of all Koopas, and is found to be the final boss in almost all platformers. Yoshis are a species of friendly dinosaurs native to Yoshi's Island.

Super Mario Star Scramble. Mario video games Mario characters Mario category. It starts out when Bowser Jr. According to the game's instruction manual, they were cursed by Bowser. While certain materials interpret him as Bowser's actual sibling, various sources offer conflicting explanations.

Most of the game's levels consist of many small planets and planetoids, while others have bigger planets. Typically, green ones will walk off ledges they come to, while red ones turn away from them. Cheep Cheeps are fish that are typically depicted with wing-like fins and mohawks, although there has been some variation. Bullies are spherical enemies that attack by pushing Mario around. Additionally, Luigi's sprite has been changed and made taller than Mario to match his normal appearance, and the Mario Bros.

In fact, the game opens with Yoshi as the sole playable character that needs to rescue Mario and co. He later appeared in Super Mario Bros. The pink ones are blue in the remakes. They are fought at the end of each castle, barring the final, in Super Mario Bros.

This article is under construction. However, they are less common in this game. The game was to use two-dimensional side-scrolling elements, as well as the use of three-dimensional movement between the background and foreground of the stage. He appeared twice in that game, once in New Super Mario Bros.

Its three-dimensional Mario Bros. While they normally swim or jump, their exact behavior may vary drastically by game or even within the same game. There is also a green type that doesn't hatch and a kind that turns into Piranha Plants. The e-Reader feature is still available in the European version, but it is disabled by default and unable to access.

The game features an extremely large amount of coins, which are one of the game's main elements. The game earned Mario a permanent position as Nintendo's mascot, and triggered a massive boom in the video game industry that still continues today.

Big Urchin Small Urchin Urchin land. Jumping on them causes them to become Goombas. They reside in and protect the dream world, Subcon. It destroys any breakable objects it touches, and defeats small enemies in the same way.

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Bill Blasters are two-sided cannons that shoot Bullet Bills. After the events of Super Mario Bros.

Players can choose between four different styles based on Super Mario Bros. They are notable for their amount of derivatives, but have for the most part been relegated to spinoffs. He is similar to the Heavy Zeds. The game features a solo story mode with Mario or Luigi, a two-player wireless game Mario vs. Mario Power Tennis GameCube.

While it has been inconsistent as to whether or not it's safe to jump upon them, the head is usually the weak point. Mario can also ride him at two points. They are the inhabitants of the Sprixie Kingdom, ruled by the seven Sprixie Princesses.

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Volcanic debris refers to rocks that fall from the shy after being launched from volcanoes. It's the third game in the New Super Mario Bros. Dry Bowser is the undead and skeletal version of Bowser. Bullet Bills are ammunition that usually travel in a straight line.

Wario is the strongest character in the game, being able to destroy some obstacles the other character would have no choice but avoid them. Mouser is a bomb -tossing rat with sunglasses from Super Mario Bros. Maw-Rays formerly known as Unagi are large moray eels that often hide away in caves.