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Alex and sierra x factor dating

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They ended up getting four yesses, and, with tears in their eyes, they were sent on to the next round. Sierra played the piano, and Alex played the guitar.

They are the highest-charting winners of any season of The X Factor. While their relationship might not have lasted, they still have a huge fan following. They were definitely improving and growing as performers. They started work on their first album in January and hoped to have it out in, according to them, about four months or so.

They also both played instruments during the performance. Both were students at the University of Central Florida when they decided to try out for the show.

Despite their struggles, they made it through to the next round. They said that they both planned on pursuing solo careers and would no longer be making music together. Demi Lovato questioned their relationship as a couple, but Simon Cowell seemed to be supportive of them as both a singing duo and a couple. The performance earned them massive applause from the audience and a standing ovation from Simon Cowell.