Nobody wants to pet a cane, either

Advantages of dating a blind person can do cool

There are also people who overcompensate in their kindness. Certain shadows might look like steps to me since my distance perception is basically zero.

Even up close, I can't see fine detail like smaller scars and roughness, so people all look like they have amazing skin. So there are some politics involved.

The electrical cords haven't been ruined by the vacuum in almost a year. And you never know, you might actually end up liking the experience. They'll forget to stop before a step, so you fall. As simple as the white cane may be, it still requires training.

And sometimes that perspective is dark and murky. My peepers and I occasionally travel back to abysmal but mostly we live in semi-functional town. It depends on when you go blind.

There are some political and personal preferences involved in one's choice. The path to acceptance is a slow one, full of cracked glasses and disgruntled cats, but I'm getting there. When she tried to take over, I had to tell her firmly that I was fine and that she should go on with what she was doing. Employers, especially in mid-sized and large businesses, routinely follow equal employment opportunity practices and have diversity and disability accommodation processes in place. Other People's Bullshit Chores I never, ever have to help you paint your apartment.

And sometimes that

Max introduced me to Kerry Kijewski, too, whom I also interviewed. Some people stare or back away from me as if I'm infectious. If you go blind as an adult, like I did, it is very weird in the beginning. If you are born blind, it does not feel like anything.

My peepers and I occasionally

You can walk around naked without being self-conscious. Even though it's a progressive condition, it progresses differently for everyone.