But, it wasn't a dream come true

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Now, twenty years later, they are the power-couple everyone wants to be. He was a cameraman for the film and a huge fan of hers. He managed to win and mend Hathaway's heart, as she had recently ended things with scam artist Raffaello Follieri.

Kelsey Grammer Grammer hit it off so well with a fan he met in that he left his wife. While, there are cases of stars marrying within the entertainment industry, there have been rare instances of actors getting married to their fans. She even converted to Judaism in order to marry her idol in and is now mother to Sadie and Sunny Sandler. Although their marriage did not last for more than a decade, this couple never got divorced and she even took care of him during his ailment just before he passed away. Nicholas Cage Third time was the charm for Nicholas Cage.

However, Kelly claims that she had a premonition long before about marrying Travolta. The happy couple have four daughters. She was apparently a huge fan of the action star and exchanged numbers with him. She asked for an autograph and walked away with Cage's phone number. After five decades of marital bliss, this couple continues to be the beacon of hope for romantics everywhere.

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The two married that same year and have a son together. He was taken aback by her the moment he met Liza Powel, who was a part of the skit he was performing at the time. Although they had a bitter break-up less than a decade later, their love story is proof that dreams of marrying your idol could come true - at least for some of us.

When he got the chance to meet Victoria in after a game, he did everything he could to turn his fantasy into a reality. They have been married since and are parents of two girls. Advertisement Most recently, a die-hard Disney fanatic began stepping out with actor Jake T.

Saira Banu was a hard-core Dilip Kumar fan before she met him in person and fell in love with him. Take a look at some of such famous couples.

The two married that

Some super fans have managed to hunt down romance in Hollywood, going on dates and even tying the knot with celebrities of their dreams. The adorable clip of Conan meeting his wife and instantly falling in love is for all the world to see on YouTube.