True, Eve ate of the fruit first

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Many examples seruing to confute your vniuersall rule might bee produced, but these are sufficient to dispell this your cloud of vntruth. And also by publishing this book you exposed yourself to the whole world, showing how stupid you are. Wherefore in my minde, it was not without mature consideration that you married in time, because it would be too irksome for you to trauaile so tedious a journey on foote.

Beware of making too great a fire, lest the surplussage of that fires effect which you intended for others, singe your selfe. The proposition is vpon record, Leuit. If All, then Woman, who, excepting man, is the most excellent creature under the Canopy of heaven. For as God gave man a lofty countenance, that he might look upward toward Heaven, so did he likewise give to woman.

The Assumption is formerly proued. True, Eve ate of the fruit first.

This being rightly considered, does teach men to make such account of their wives, as Adam did of Eve, This is bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh. If God had not made women onely to bee a plague to man, hee would neuer haue called them necessarie. Swetnam, Speght's pamphlet makes clear, blasphemed God by denying women the role for which they were divinely created and the humanity to which they are entitled. She wrote several other femnist texts, and then unfortunately she got married.

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Men who deny women access to education, the poem implies, stand in the way of God's purpose. This her giving Adam of that sauce, wherewith Satan had served her, whose sourness before he had eaten she did not perceive, was that which made her sin to exceed his. As for your audacitie in iudging of womens thoughts, you thereby shew your selfe an vsurper against the King of heauen, the true knowledge of cogitatons being appropriate vnto him alone. If Oxen haue feathers, their haires more fitly may be so termed then their hornes.

The next excerpt is Speght showing that she can beat Swetnam at his own game, that is biblical exegesis, and at least, in contrast to him, she quotes her Bible correctly. And never man hated his own flesh which the woman is unless a monster in nature. The work of Creation being finished, this approbation was given by God himself, that All was very good. For she was neither like the beasts of the earth, fouls of the air, fishes of the Sea, or any other inferior creature, but Man was the only object, which she did resemble. And as for Eve giving Adam the fruit, she at least meant well.

Wherefore, that she might not of him, who ought to honor her, be abhorred, the first promise that was made in Paradise, God makes to woman, that by her Seed should the Serpent's head be broken. Of Woman's Excellency, with the causes of her creation, and of the sympathy which ought to be in man and wife toward other.

English pamphleteer and poet. Critical Reception How Speght's works were received in their own time is largely a matter of inference. There are many troubles comes galloping at the heeles of a woman.

English pamphleteer and

And as the temperature of man's body is excellent, so is woman's. Thirdly, the formal cause, fashion, and proportion of woman was excellent. If this your affirmation be true, then seemes it, that hell is the period of all married mens trauailes, and the center of their circumference. Speght was the daughter of a middle-class London clergyman and rector, James Speght, who published two sermons that displayed his Calvinist convictions.